WHAT IS A SPECIALLY ADAPTED HOUSING (SAH) GRANT? The SAH grant is designed to help disabled Veterans by providing a barrier-free living environment, such as a wheelchair accessible home, that affords Veterans a level of independent living they may not otherwise enjoy. Veterans and Servicemembers with specific service- connected disabilities may be entitled to a grant for the purpose of constructing or modifying a home to meet their adaptive needs, up to the current maximum of $70,465. To learn more about the SAH Grant Program, please visit www.va.gov or contact your local VA regional office.  

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Adaptive Housing

WHAT IS A HOME IMPROVEMENTS AND STRUCTURAL ALTERATIONS (HISA) GRANT?  Veterans and Servicemembers may receive assistance for any home improvement necessary for the continuation of treatment or for disability access to the home and essential lavatory and sanitary facilities. A Veteran may receive a HISA grant in conjunction with either a SAH or SHA grant. The HISA program is available for both Veterans with service-connected disabilities with benefits up to $6,800 and Veterans with non-service-connected disabilities with benefits up to $2,000.  To learn more about the HISA Grant Program, please visit www.va.gov or contact your local VA regional office.  

Veterans sometimes have to face unexpected challenges as part of their service to our nation. We’re here to help.Mowery Construction and Remodeling meet stringent Specially Adapted Housing requirements, and will help navigate the process. Our design/build services will help meet both budget and vision, while providing a home that allows for living to the fullest. We can modify an existing home to accommodate a disability to help you live independently in a barrier-free environment.   

The Department of Veteran Affairs offers Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) grants and Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA) grants to veterans or servicemembers who meet qualification standards. To learn more about the SAH Grant Program, please visit www.va.gov or contact your local VA regional office.