One of the most common home improvement projects in our area is painting.  Nothing can revitalize and protect your home or building like a fresh application of paint.

   Interior painting can update and enhance your home making your rooms look fresh and clean. We can help you choose the right products to protect your home and the right color scheme to achieve the look you want.

   Exterior finishes are designed to make your house have great curb appeal and protect it from the elements.  If the finish on the exterior of your home is peeling, flaking, fading and generally looking old, it’s probably time to repaint.

   Mowery Construction and Remodeling has extensive experience painting and staining homes on both the interior and exterior.  A complete service from prep to paint to total cleanup, you’ll never know we were there aside from the beautiful new look we’ll give your home or building.

Interior & Exterior Painting

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