One of the best ways to enjoy the summers is to sit back and relax on your deck, cold drink in hand, or maybe you like to entertain guests and throw summer BBQ parties.  Mowery Construction and Remodeling specializes in designing and building beautiful outdoor decks and patios that improves your property, your potential views, and the ability to entertain.
   Not only can we build brand new wood or vinyl custom decks, fencing and patios, but we can restore your existing deck, fencing or patio by refacing, or repairing the structure to make it look brand new again. Your deck is exposed to the elements 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We have been restoring, power washing and resealing decks for years.  We’ll professionally apply the product that best suits your situation.  

   Siding protects the exterior walls of your home from the elements and it’s critical to the overall “protection” of your house.  If siding has been improperly installed or damaged it can allow water to seep inside of your home which leads to mold, mildew, rot and much bigger problems.
   Many older homes in the Northeastern Ohio would benefit from the installation of new vinyl siding.  It lasts longer than wood siding and doesn’t ever need to be painted because the color never fades.  
  Mowery Construction and Remodeling has plenty of experience with siding repair and installation and we can tackle your residential siding project. New siding really helps improve the look of your home as well as the re-sale value.

Siding and Decks

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